Why Does A Parent Send Kids To Private School in Singapore?

When it comes to a child‘s education, many parents are very concern and it takes serious consideration. Some parent who prefers to send kids to private secondary school because of the smaller class size. Therefore, a smaller class means is easier for the teacher to control the class and the teacher is able to focus on the student better.

private school in singapore

Speaking of teachers, the private school hires a teacher who is very dedicated and high-qualifications of education level. Therefore, many parents feel better to send kids to private school because the teachers are able to educate the child much better in terms of handling situations and teaching skills

When it comes to private school the fees are much higher than a government school. The benefit is that students and teachers are able to enjoy better facilities. Moreover, the school is able to afford to purchase in better education tools such as online learning for students to learn.

Moreover, the student in private schools is different because of the parent’s guidance. The truth is that parents who are able to send a child to private it means that the parent is above average. Therefore, the parents’ background has a high qualification hence able to educate the child better. 

Sending a child to a private institution in Singapore brings a lot of benefits as the child is able to develop a better personality. Moreover, a person personality depends on the treatment when he or she is a kid. That is because children are able to adapt to a lot of things quickly. 

Selecting an International School in Singapore

There are cases that some parents prefer to send the child to an international school is because to expose the child to different cultures. International school Singapore usually adhere to the international curriculum. Therefore, the child is able to work together with students who come from a diverse background. 

singapore international school

When a child is able to work with people who are from a different background. One of the advantages is that the child is able to learn a different language. Moreover, the child is able to adapt to the different culture adapting to challenges. Therefore, the benefits are that the child is able to be creative and learn new imaginations.

The Singapore international school can be quite expensive because the syllabus is taken from international standards. However, a person is able to find an affordable international school in Singapore. It is good to send the child to a school like this because the child is able to gain more career opportunities. This is very beneficial because when a child wants to study overseas in the future, it gives a higher chance of acceptance.

The Benefits of Studying In Christian Schools

A child is able to gain the benefits from Christian education to become a spiritual formation. Firstly, the teachers teach with love, kindness, discipline and develop a strong relationship with God. This brings the benefits of the child to become a better personality. 

best international schools in singapore

The good thing of putting a child in a private Christian school in Singapore is that the child is able to have prayer time. This allows the child to talk to God when the child faces stress in life; hence it is able to calm the child down and be more positive.

The Best Bangkok Travel on a Budget and Hotels in Bangkok Thailand

As you already know, there are so many means of transport that you can use to move from one place to another. If you are a seasoned traveller, you could have used so many of them. However, every city is characterized by different modes of transport. You will not have a problem to move from the airport to the Bangkok city hotel because there are various means that you can use. However, you have to be extremely careful when making a choice because Bangkok is a city that is characterized by a lot of traffic jams. You don’t want to get late especially when going to your meeting room Bangkok because of making the wrong choice. Some of the top suggestions for Bangkok travel include;

hotels in bangkok thailand

The Sky Train

After getting through the Malaysian immigration point, it is wise to head right out the front and look for the sky train. Remember you could be having some jet lag, running shoes on, and several bags in your hands. At such a point, you will want to get to the service apartment in Bangkok within the shortest period. It is a fast, safe, and low-cost way of getting direct to Bangkok.  You will not encounter any traffic problems when using the sky train.

If you are late to get to an event venue Bangkok, the sky train will be of great help. The sky train can get you just anywhere that you desire. It is good to read the Google map to get to understand the area better. It will help you to get your hotel location or destination point. You can also use it if you have a massage therapy appointment at the hotel.


Taxis are everywhere in the city and you can even get one to the sky bar at Kimpton Maalai Hotel. The cost of taxis is quite affordable. Most of them are using travelling apps that can virtually take you anywhere. The only challenge with taxis in Bangkok is the traffic jams. However, the drivers understand the city well and hence know how to manoeuvre through.

sky bar bangkok

Inner City Travel

The best solution is the sky train that was built in around 2000. It is a model that you can also use when operating on a budget. It will also keep you above the city traffic and also give you a great view of the city. You can rely on this mode of transport if you have an appointment for private dining Bangkok.

private dinner bangkok


The 3 wheeled Tuk-Tuk can also help you to move within the city. It is good to experience them even once when in Bangkok. The night is the best when it is much cooler but it is recommended for short distances. You can use it if you want to get to the luxury serviced apartment Bangkok that is not very far.

One thing you may want to do is take a passport in the crowded malls in Bangkok. You can also grab a gold necklace in the city. Food is also great throughout the city. The cost of hotels in Bangkok is quite affordable. Even people who are on a tight budget can travel to Bangkok. All you need to do is to be smart and safe any time you are travelling to Bangkok.

Exciting Things That Visitors Should Know About 5 Star Hotels In Kuala Lumpur

Are you going on a vacation? What the hotel will you pick for your vacation? Will you spend your money in a 5-star hotel? If so, then probably you need to know what you can foresee during your stay.

Yes, it is very important to know the real welfare of a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. There are so many things that a 5-star hotel want you to know and do not want you. From the exclusive service and superior comfort environment is everything deserve for your hotel cost, so what is the rest that you can expect from the best hotels in Malaysia?

Do you want to know what the expectations of a 5-star hotel on vacation? Here you go! This is a list of things that for the first-time visitor should know about staying InterContinental KL.

hotel kuala lumpur

Access to free revolving customer service

During your stay at a 5 star hotel, you can enjoy the exceptional benefits that are excellent in luxury and quality. It can be any form, whether it is from the changing sheets or hanging on the guest room “ Do not disturb” sign. But most importantly, you will get the fastest transfer service from a 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

best hotel in kl

By staying in a 5-star hotel, you will experience the fastest turnaround service, which is including the staff preparing beds, refreshing your room with pleasant and relaxing smell. Aside from that, revolving customer service maybe includes establishing the preferred environment for guests according to their needs. For example, you can request their staff to bring the delivery food that you just ordered from a Chinese restaurant with private dining in KL to your room.

High-security arrangement

For the guest who is wondering about getting the highest quality safety during their vacation while staying in a 5 star hotel, the management team of the hotel usually will assign their security team. Most of the time, the security and front desk staff must have security weapon to provide the ultimate protection for guests.

So, if you will staying in a 5 star hotel for your vacation, then you can expect high-quality safety tools or service from the hotel because they know that safety is crucial to their customers. You will find that every corner of the hotel will be highly secure by their security team, and this phenomenon is especially shown when the hotel is having an event.

The hotel event hall either can be a company gala dinner or a wedding dinner. You will see during the hotel buffet dinner promotion, the 5 star hotel usually will be packed with a lot of guests, and to avoid any incident happen, the hotel will emphasize their attention on the security. It is very rare to see that a 5-star hotel that does not take any secure action during the event of a hotel buffet in kl.

event space kuala lumpur

Welcome snack & drink

When you decide to take a vacation in a luxury 5 star hotel, then you can expect a royal treat. The 5 star hotel guests love to enjoy the rich feeling so that they often expect special drinks and treats.

A 5 star hotel usually will give its guests a bottle of champagne or use some sweet snack as a welcome gesture, and this is so general in the wedding hotel packages Kuala Lumpur as well. Every guest you invited to your wedding dinner will expect something unique and different when you organize your wedding dinner in a 5 star hotel.  There is various wedding hotel packages price, and you should try to check that.  

Sometimes, you will find out that the wedding hotel package that offered by a 5 star hotel is even worth than you held your wedding dinner in a Japanese fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

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