Important Plan For Opening A Fine Dining Restaurant In KL

Like any other form of businesses, opening a fine dining restaurant requires a lot of preparations. These days, many people find themselves get stuck in a rut and keep finding themselves eating under the same environment in the same restaurant. Like people always said., “you cannot always dive in the water and swimming with the fish”.

To be unique and outstand the anyone, you have to think like the fish, be different! Refined dining needs to be very detail-oriented in providing the best food, quality service, and creating the perfect atmosphere. The word fining dining in Kuala Lumpur might remind a lot of people about the picture; it can be from a crisp white tablecloth to a waiter in a tuxedo. Here are some essential plans of what you need to do before opening up a fine restaurant.

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First thing you need to do is make a checklist of your cuisine menu. Because when people define fine dining, they have different views and expectation. For example, for an Italian restaurant Kuala Lumpur, a customer may expect the waiter or server in the restaurant is an Italian as well. This might sound weird, but this is the needs and wants of a customer, a good business is never let the customer down.

People have different interpretations about what they feel inside your restaurant, they might feel this your restaurant is the best place for candle light dinner, but they also might have the opposite feeling.

You can claim that your restaurant is good, but perhaps for some people with higher standards, your restaurant might just a category of romantic dining or even worse casual dining. Always prioritize your restaurant food and services.


Select a location for your restaurant is one of the important things to do. A good location will bring a lot of benefits to you, especially when your restaurant location is highly accessible. If your target customer is more in-depth in the budget, then the location of your restaurant can be placed near a commercial building or in the centre of the city.

Most of the time, you will find a lot of premium restaurants located in the centre of the city, which in the same row together with the bar near klcc. Why? Because the klcc is one of the attractions in Malaysia, and tourists usually like to visit this place. Select this strategic location will bring up your restaurant exposure, and this place also highly accessible with public transport. It is not surprising that you can also find the rooftop restaurant in this area.

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These days, even some of the best restaurants may be contaminated by poor light, noisy rooms or poor music choice. Remember that your restaurant is not a cocktail bar, the best balance makes your restaurant environment that is not too dark, not too bright or not too noisy as well.

You do not need your restaurant is as fancy as a rooftop themed bar in KL. All you need to do is just to ensure every single of your customer that coming to your restaurant will have the best experience when they are leaving.

To able to do that, you need to spend some time to research on how to invest in the decoration of your restaurant, how to make the best environment for the couple to have a romantic dinner place in KL.


When you are running a business, the most priority is your customer. The way how you retain your customer is very significant for your business. You can try to offer unexpected gifts to your royalty customer when they are celebrating a special occasion at your restaurant. A happy hour promotion also cannot be excluded in your restaurant as well.

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Every famous attraction in the town usually will be crowded by people during the weekend. Some places even claimed as the best event night in KL for gathering activity. A lot of premium restaurants in this town is a hot spot for candle light dinner.

Romantic Dinner In KL To Impress Your Beloved

What is better than having a romantic dinner with your beloved ones in a special place? Every woman likes to be swept out of the door and become the most special woman in one man’s life. There is no denying that having a romantic dinner during the special occasion, such as Valentine day can be expensive these days.

But, the opposite of this it doesn’t has to be if you are planning well. A little creative idea and some thrift mixed can also make you have some amazing and memorable dates in one. Sometimes, make your home as your dating venue could also be the best place candle light dinner as well.

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Both of you can cook together, and spending a lovely evening together is way more romantic than just sitting on the chair and waiting for the food in a restaurant. This is a very good chance to let each other to improve the relationship through sharing of cooking skill and create something, which only born under both corporations.

What if your finance is not a constraint?

If you have no limit on finance, then you probably can plan to have a fine dinner in the best western restaurant in Malaysia. Take her to which the steak cafe in Kuala Lumpur she like, and setting up the place for her.

For example, if both of you is a meat lover, then you probably can bring her to the western restaurant that having the best wagyu beef in Kuala Lumpur. When you are looking for the steak house, please ensure you plan in advanced, you might get the discount for the special occasion.

What can do after a romantic dinner?

Movie date

The after-dinner activity is essential for making a perfect dating. If you are a romantic type of person and want to stick to the traditional way, then you probably can bring her to watch a movie.

Bikes date

So if both of you are a more active person, then another suggestion you might interest in is renting a bike. Go on a biking tour of your living area in the evening can be interesting as well. What thing can be more interesting then go for an adventure exploring with your beloved one, right?

Game night

Sometimes, you do not need to spend a lot of money to have a good time with your beloved if she or he is a gamer. You can try to pick some video game which has multiplayer and playing together with your beloved in your house after dinner.

Take in the sunset

You can also try to bring your beloved to the sky bar or the beach. Planning to walk together with her on the beach, sitting on the dock, looking for higher ground, or just choosing a sky bar to soak in the sunset together.

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Flea market

Aside from that, you also can have a good time hunting down bargains together with your significant one at a flea market in your living area. Finding vintage toys and comic book sales far below their market value is always more enjoyable to have someone around you. You can also make some money if you tear someone off. If both of you are living in the KL city, then a tour to Petaling Street is never can be missed.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Pattaya and Best Hotel in Pattaya

When planning for your next vacation, one of the best places that you can visit in Pattaya. There is a nice blend of eye viewing sites, accommodation places, and healthy and delicious meals for travellers. Most travellers prefer visiting the beach and lounging at the beach resort of their choice. You can be sure that you will not regret your stay at InterContinental Pattaya.

It is a destination that will give you value for your money as long as you make informed choices. There are so many things that you can do when visiting Pattaya. In this article, we will only look at five of them. If you are going with your spouse and children, you will not fail to get the best family hotel for your needs. Here are the top places that you should not miss out when touring Pattaya.

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The Nightlife of Pattaya

One of the reasons why people visit Pattaya is getting to enjoy its crazy nightlife. The region turns to a true dream destination for the party lovers once the sunsets. There is a lively atmosphere at night that is a true motivation for tourists. Several hotels sell highly accessible and cheap cocktail units and gourmet restaurants. There are thousands of activities and bars which make the night of party-goers wild. You can also get to taste the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya at this point. Besides, there are several karaoke stations and a stretch of night bars for family entertainment in Pattaya.

The Floating Market of Pattaya

The other top reason to visit Pattaya is the floating market. The area is subdivided into four subsections and each of them represent the various regions of Thailand. You can find souvenir shops stalls, and eateries according to the division in the floating market of Pattaya. It is another great opportunity to taste the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya. Some of the souvenirs that you can buy for your friends and family include the traditional Thai wear, handmade clocks, and wood carvings. The market has unbelievable bargains for both Thai handicrafts and food. You can also get the best resort in Pattaya close to this market.

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Pattaya Walking Street

This is a famous destination for the nightlife, but you should not come here with your family and young children. If you really have to visit this place, get the best family hotel for your loved ones as you take the tour. There are so many go-go bars and beer bars along this street. Some of the leading discos in Pattaya are also on this street. The experience that you get from this place is one of its own in. The popular walking street is the centre of nightlife in Thailand. The beats and lights on this street add to the lively and beautiful atmosphere on this street. From here, you can have a rest in a 5-star hotel in Pattaya to even take the whole experience to the next level.

Central Festival Mall

This is among the largest malls in Asia and there is a broad range of products that you can buy here. The top of the mall has a great view of the beach and it is very peaceful. Therefore, you can identify the best beach resort in this place. It has a food court area that serves cheap and marvellous meals. The top floor has a great bowling alley and cinema complex.

Sanctuary of Truth

This is an ancient-style wooden temple that is located in north Pattaya by the sea at Laem Ratchawet. It is a magnificent and unique temple that is constructed out of the vision that human civilization was nurtured and made by philosophical and religious truth. The place has a humanized version for all the seven creators that include heaven, stars, father, mother, moon, sun, and the earth. Therefore, there is so much to enjoy in this area in addition to what the best resort in Pattaya offers. The whole temple is worth the visit as it is build using wood.

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