Important Plan For Opening A Fine Dining Restaurant In KL

Like any other form of businesses, opening a fine dining restaurant requires a lot of preparations. These days, many people find themselves get stuck in a rut and keep finding themselves eating under the same environment in the same restaurant. Like people always said., “you cannot always dive in the water and swimming with the fish”.

To be unique and outstand the anyone, you have to think like the fish, be different! Refined dining needs to be very detail-oriented in providing the best food, quality service, and creating the perfect atmosphere. The word fining dining in Kuala Lumpur might remind a lot of people about the picture; it can be from a crisp white tablecloth to a waiter in a tuxedo. Here are some essential plans of what you need to do before opening up a fine restaurant.

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First thing you need to do is make a checklist of your cuisine menu. Because when people define fine dining, they have different views and expectation. For example, for an Italian restaurant Kuala Lumpur, a customer may expect the waiter or server in the restaurant is an Italian as well. This might sound weird, but this is the needs and wants of a customer, a good business is never let the customer down.

People have different interpretations about what they feel inside your restaurant, they might feel this your restaurant is the best place for candle light dinner, but they also might have the opposite feeling.

You can claim that your restaurant is good, but perhaps for some people with higher standards, your restaurant might just a category of romantic dining or even worse casual dining. Always prioritize your restaurant food and services.


Select a location for your restaurant is one of the important things to do. A good location will bring a lot of benefits to you, especially when your restaurant location is highly accessible. If your target customer is more in-depth in the budget, then the location of your restaurant can be placed near a commercial building or in the centre of the city.

Most of the time, you will find a lot of premium restaurants located in the centre of the city, which in the same row together with the bar near klcc. Why? Because the klcc is one of the attractions in Malaysia, and tourists usually like to visit this place. Select this strategic location will bring up your restaurant exposure, and this place also highly accessible with public transport. It is not surprising that you can also find the rooftop restaurant in this area.

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These days, even some of the best restaurants may be contaminated by poor light, noisy rooms or poor music choice. Remember that your restaurant is not a cocktail bar, the best balance makes your restaurant environment that is not too dark, not too bright or not too noisy as well.

You do not need your restaurant is as fancy as a rooftop themed bar in KL. All you need to do is just to ensure every single of your customer that coming to your restaurant will have the best experience when they are leaving.

To able to do that, you need to spend some time to research on how to invest in the decoration of your restaurant, how to make the best environment for the couple to have a romantic dinner place in KL.


When you are running a business, the most priority is your customer. The way how you retain your customer is very significant for your business. You can try to offer unexpected gifts to your royalty customer when they are celebrating a special occasion at your restaurant. A happy hour promotion also cannot be excluded in your restaurant as well.

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Every famous attraction in the town usually will be crowded by people during the weekend. Some places even claimed as the best event night in KL for gathering activity. A lot of premium restaurants in this town is a hot spot for candle light dinner.

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